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Within workshops and short seminars (Kingston University, Royal College 
of Art, University for the Creative Arts) Barbara explores tacit learning
by practicing everyday activities, opening up a dialogue through partici-
patory environments.
Her short seminar Ordinary Pleasures 
has been focussing on everyday
activities we tacitly remember. Applied
workshops such as Claire van Rhyn's
Bodied Knowing (choreographic
games), Stuart Carey's ceramics work-shop (crafting plates), as well as
Ni Wangxia's dim sum kitchen (making
Chinese dumplings) let twelve art
students from wide-ranging disciplines
reconnect with their bodily memory.
Recalled embodied experiences have
been transformed into participatory 
artworks, presenting tacit knowledge
to the visitors of the seminar's pop-
up exhibition. More about the Ordinary
Pleasures can be found through 
AcrossRCA 2018 or participant Nuria
Benítez Gómez' blog.
Photos: 1 Claire van Rhyn's Bodied
Knowing, photo by Sotiris Gonis;
2 Stuart Carey's ceramics workshop,
photo by Josh Philip Saunders;
3 Ni Wangxia's dumpling kitchen,
photo by Josh Philip Saunders;
4,5,6 Ordinary Pleasures exhibition,
photos by Kevin Chiam
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